Yanfeng Interiors honors its suppliers in Europe

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) recognized the outstanding performance of its European suppliers with the European Supplier Award. A total of 15 suppliers yesterday received awards in various categories at YFAI’s European headquarters in Neuss.

YFAI awards the prize for its European suppliers in six categories to companies from the plastics, resins, chemicals, foams, trim, and metal components industries. The categories the suppliers were rated on were quality, cost, customer satisfaction, development, technology and innovation, as well as service.

Depending on the total number opoints achieved, the companies were presented with a “Supplier of the Year,” “Distinguished Supplier” or “Supplier Excellence” award in various categories.

“Our annual award recognizes the outstanding performance of our best partners”, said James Bos, Vice President Global Procurement for YFAI. “Our suppliers play an important role in our success. Therefore we want to recognize their performance with these awards.”





Released: 8.February 2018, v Management, News.
Zdroj: Yanfeng